Prime Time for Seniors Newspaper
Each month Prime Time News prints well over 40,000 copies of the Prime Time for Seniors
Newspaper and distributes them at over 1700 locations in 10 Denver Metro area counties
at locations such as community centers, restaurants, libraries, and other public places
where seniors and those who care about them congregate. We encourage you to pick up
free copies at these locations. If your local haunts don't have the Prime Time, ask them to
call Prime Time News at (303)288-5485 for free copies for their patrons. If you can't find
the paper in your area, we do offer subscriptions for $3
5.00 per year to cover the costs
associated with mailing the paper.
Fill in the form information and print
using your browser's print function.
Include the application with your check
for $35.00 payable to:
    Prime Time News LLC
    PO Box 502
    Louisville, CO 80027
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